April 23, 2019

A number of forestry management advisory services are available in France and enable private owners to enjoy support form forestry professionals.

The Centre Régional de la Propriété Forestière (the CRPF or regional center for forest owners) is one such organization. It was set up to assist forest owners with silvicultural management and to improve production from private forests in France.

Forestry management advisory service

The CRPF is represented in every region in France.

It is headed by the CNPF (national center for forest owners), a public body that oversees the 11 regional centers operating in 20% of the national territory. The wish to establish a group of forest owners was embodied in the law dated August 6, 1963.

That led to the creation of a Board of Directors made up of elected private owners, which later became a unique public body in 2009. Its status was reinforced by the order dated January 26, 2012 when the legislative aspect of the French Forestry Code was reviewed.

The CNPF’s role is the development and orientation of forestry management and the improvement of production from private forests.

In the regions, the CRPFs implement these objectives, providing technical aid to guide management, along with advice and training, and giving forest owners a framework for cooperation, organizing the sale of local produce, ensuring regional coordination, monitoring and protecting the forests’ health, preventing risks and introducing silvicultural practices with a view to sustainable management.

The CRPF is a public body.

It is run by elected forest owners and elected representatives responsible for regional planning.

Its goal is to assist private forest owners in the sustainable forestry management approach. The CRPF provides forest owners with management and silvicultural recommendations adapted to their forest, along with legal and fiscal advice.

It runs public information meetings, helps disseminate forestry techniques, publishes reviews and documents, sets up the Regional Silviculture Management Scheme, approves the ‘PSG’ forest management plans, and contributes to the FOGEFOR training organization.

The CRPF contributes to the sustainable management of private forests and uses its expertise to guide and develop the management of privately-owned woodlands and other sites suitable for forestry.

With development, training, information and support for forest owners all falling within its scope, the CRPF is tasked with:

  • improving and developing the management of private forests by approving the ‘PSG’ forest management plans and establishing the Codes of Good Silvicultural Practices.
  • bringing forest owners together
  • training (via the FOGEFOR) and silvicultural technique management
  • protecting the forest

in the private forest sector in France.

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