The 12 commitments from Forêt Investissement

April 23, 2019


Selling a property, a forest, a pond or a hunting ground is often a stand-out moment in a person or a family’s life.

This type of property is often tied to a family history and heritage, or occurs as part of an inheritance after the loss of a loved one. It is therefore normal to ask yourself an array of questions concerning this type of transaction, and it is only natural that you put your heart into it!

The disposal of a pond or forest property, with or without buildings, is no easy matter and requires a certain amount of knowledge when it comes to analyzing and valuing this type of asset.


There are some legitimate questions:

- How will I answer any technical questions I am asked?

- Will I have to accompany viewings of my forest or pond, which is located far from my main residence?

- How do we explain all the benefits of an investment like this to future buyers?

Forêt Investissement will do all that it can to help and can certainly answer your questions, as we have been asked the same ones for 10 years now.

The 12 commitments for an exclusive sales mandate

You have placed your trust in us and have granted us an exclusive sales mandate. Therefore, we have to commit to working in your interests if we are to maintain your trust.

Because you have called on us, we take care of everything

The watchwords in our 12 commitments are appraisal and action.

To commence with a transaction in the best possible conditions, we need to:

- carry out an appraisal of the property and analyze the documents in our in-house legal department,

- put together the sales package because flawless presentation of the property is key!  Mapping makes it easier for everyone to keep track.

Advertising and information

We do things digitally now and our forestry agency’s website is translated into four languages.

So your property can consulted anywhere, anytime!

And we don’t forget local buyers, for example, professionals in the sector who are often interested in properties close to home.

We will let them know about your property – we speak their language!

Listen, advise, support and sell!

The majority of our buyers are first-time investors in the forest. They are seeking to invest in a product that is unconnected with the financial markets, and in a safe investment and/or one with heritage significance, often wanting to pass on certain values to their children.

As such, they need to learn a bit about the forest, silviculture, taxation, regulation and forestry management.

We thus answer any questions a buyer may have.

- What are the tax arrangements for forests?

- How does a forest transaction proceed?

- How do I manage my forest?

- How can I be sure that the forest I buy is a good investment?

There is an answer to all of these questions and to invest well, you need to understand, so our teams in the field help investors really get to grips with their investment.

And this much is clear: we are fully committed because you only pay us if we make a sale!

For more information, get in touch. Our staff are able to answer in French, Portuguese, Spanish and English.

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