The Management/Administration Mandate from Forêt Investissement

April 23, 2019

Given the specific nature of the forestry market, it is rare to come across the the opportunity of owning a forest plot close to home

What is more, forest owners do not necessarily have the knowledge, the network or simply the time to take full care of their property and thereby optimize its potential.

With this in mind, in early 2019, Forêt Investissement launched its own management service. This service starts with the signature of a Management/Administration mandate, binding Forêt Investissement and the owner looking to delegate the management of their forest property and all the ensuing administrative tasks.

What is the Forêt Investissement Management/Administration Mandate?

 Like a sales mandate, through the Forêt Investissement Management/Administration Mandate the owner of a forest estate, pond or hunting estate entrusts Forêt Investissement with a certain number of tasks, regarding the administrative and lease management aspects of the property, as listed in the agreement signed with the owner.


Hence, Forêt Investissement manages the property diligently in the owner’s place, and will transfer to the latter, any income earned by the property (rentals, logging...) on a periodical basis. According to the terms defined in the mandate, it may also make all payments, plan work and the felling of wood by delegating forestry management, consider requests for hunting wristbands, proceed with renewal of a Simple Management Plan, and so on.

In short, the Management/Administration mandate is established à la carte by Forêt Investissement, according to the owner's wishes and requirements, and according to the property’s characteristics. The contract thus allows plenty of scope for a tailor-made service freeing the owner from all the constraints that they prefer to delegate or cannot deal with.

How is the income from my property collected?

 As part of its mandate, Forêt Investissement collects the revenues from the activities defined in the mandate with the owner.

 These sums are paid directly by the tenant, forest operator, etc. via bank transfer to the Forêt Investissement escrow account, which complies with all legal and insurance requirements.

Forêt Investissement will then make, on your behalf, any payments agreed upon in the mandate (forestry work, reforestation, paying for hunting wristbands, etc.) and will transfer the balance to the owner’s account, on the periodical basis agreed upon.

           All financial transactions are summarized in a periodical management report.  

How much does the Forêt Investissement Management/Administration mandate cost?

 It doesn’t cost anything for the owner, in the sense that Forêt Investissement only remunerates its services when the property provides an income.

If the estate provides its owner with an income, Forêt Investissement will be remunerated under the terms agreed on in the mandate. Otherwise, Forêt Investissement does not receive any fees.

Benefits of the Forêt Investissement Management/Administration mandate:

  • A la carte management of your property;
  • Guaranteed solvency of tenants and operators;
  • Secured payments;
  • Periodic management report.

2019 is the time to delegate the management and administration of your property to us, to create the ideal conditions for you to enjoy your forest investment! 

Forêt Investissement, enjoyment... the natural way.
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