Small game hunting

April 5, 2018

Small game hunting or ‘walk-up hunting’ is very popular in the plains in France.
Sales of small game hunting estates are most frequent in Champagne-Ardenne, Ile-de-France, Sologne, but also in Provence.

Small game hunting estates in France

They can suit the needs of the many different kinds of hunter in this category. Hunting with pointer dogs takes place on plains – the chalky plains of Champagne-Ardenne are ideal for this, for example.

The pointer (breeds such as the braque, spaniel, pointer or setter) picks up the game bird’s (partridge, woodcock, pheasant, etc.) scent, approaches the animal, points and stops it until the hunter arrives. Small game hunting estates are well suited to hunting with flushing dogs.

This involves very lively dogs such as the springer or cocker. They find the game (rabbit, pheasant or woodcock) but don’t stop it; they flush it out without chasing it.


Walked-up hunting

Other enthusiasts will be interested in the sale of small game hunting estate to practice walked-up hunting. The hunters walk across the grounds looking for game as it is encountered, rather than it being driven. They shoot according to instinct. It is known as walked-up hunting and is not based on a set plan. This kind of hunting is more like a hike and can be practiced with or without dogs. As they walk through crops or vines, the hunters bring down species such as the skylark, thrush, pigeon and blackbird. Small game hunting estates are found in Île-de-France, Champagne-Ardenne and in Indre-et-Loire.


In Sologne, Loiret, Île-de-France and Provence, small game hunting estate sales can also interest beaters. Beaters – with or without guns – drive the game (partridges, pheasants, hares, ducks, etc.) towards a firing line where the shooters are in position.

Small game hunting estates can also be the site of venery hound hunting. This is both a kind of venery and beat, in which hounds are set after the game (rabbits or hare) and the hunters wait posted near a game crossing point.

Hunting with ferrets

This form of hunting remains rather anecdotal but the sale of small game estates may interest its enthusiasts. The rabbit is flushed out by a ferret (bred and trained by the hunter). It is sent down the rabbit hole to flush out the animal. In this case, small game hunting estates are found in the Paris region, Charente Maritime and in Corsica.



Economic view

We recommend small game hunting estates of a minimum 50 hectares, with open spaces, coppices and thickets.

They are reasonably priced: allow for between €4,000 and €7,000 per hectare for a small game hunting estate.

In Northern France, Sologne and the Paris region, prices are between €10,000 and €20,000 per hectare.

Small game hunting estates can be found on the market all over France. There’s bound to be a forest on sale somewhere near you!



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