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Since the French regions were redefined in January 2016, the former regions of Midi-Pyrénées and Languedoc Roussillon have merged to form a single entity, known as Occitanie.

The forests of Occitanie are dense with a good rate of afforestation. Their surface area is constantly growing but their ownership remains very fragmented. The forests developed after a large-scale rural exodus, which saw many plots abandoned and sometimes subsequently left wild.

Very diverse forests

Given the extent of the region, from Aveyron in the north to Gard in the south, the forests in Occitanie are all quite different. Toward the coast, the Occitanian forests are subject to very hot summers and torrential rainfall in spring and fall, while in the Lozère and Pyrénées Orientales sector, they are more subject to a mountain climate, favoring a high conifer presence.

Generally speaking, the alternating hot days and very wet periods are positive for tree development, especially the deciduous trees that dominate here.

In Occitanie, most of the forests are privately-owned, as is the case in many French regions, but many of the forest owners possess less than 10 hectares, which explains why there are so many of them!

There are two categories of forest

In this vast forest region, we find both production and recreation forests.

The départements of Tarn and Aveyron benefit from good rainfall levels, which are ideal for the forests that cover a large part of this Occitanian territory. These are production forests with a yield that increases from year to year. The Tarn has some magnificent forests of Douglas fir that are mature and ripe for harvest.

In Occitanie, the forests are highly sought-after, particularly because of the mild climate in this part of France.

In the Pyrénées, Ariège and Hérault, nature lovers will find some wonderful recreation forests. In these wooded regions, logging is difficult given the distance from the main roads... but if you are looking to go ‘back to nature’, this is the ideal place!

Who buys forests in Occitanie ?

In Occitanie, the forests can meet different requirements, with the production forests in Aveyron, Lozère and Tarn and the forests destined for leisure pursuits such as hunting in Hérault and Gard.  Truffle (melonosporum) lovers will find what they are looking for in the heart of the Lot département. The Earth is generous here!

In Occitanie, the forests can respond to every kind of aspiration so feel free to get in touch with us at Forêt Investissement and start to build your forest estate.



Economic view

The difference in stands, volume and the quality of trees explains the wide range of sale prices for forests in France. Only an accurate valuation of the forest plot can give you a real idea of the price of your forest in Occitanie.

Forêt Investissement provides this appraisal as part of a FNAIM exclusive sales mandate.

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