Normandy - Good logging country

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The new Normandy region was created in January 2016 from the merger of the former Upper and Lower Normandy regions.

With its long coast line and maritime history, Normandy also benefits from its closeness to the Paris region. The Normandy forests mainly interest buyers looking to make a property investment.

Well positioned between London and Paris, the Normandy forests also attract foreign buyers.

Mainly private forests

The forests found in Normandy are also quite fragmented. There are still some quite remarkable deciduous massifs such as the State-owned forest of Lyons, on the border between Eure and Seine-Maritime and listed as one of the finest beech woods in Europe.

This French region has a relatively low afforestation rate. However, it has some tremendous assets. The landscape in Normandy is relatively gentle and the forests are never far from the roads so easy to access.

In Normandy, the forests are mainly deciduous. Sessile and European oaks grow in the production forests to supply lumber.  Although the afforestation rate is lower here than in other French regions such as Les Landes, the forest surface area is constantly increasing in this part of country, which also boasts a high number of beaches. You have to admit that, when you think of Normandy, you are more likely to think of Mont St Michel, Honfleur and Etretat or Dieppe, Rouen and Evreux, than the forest!

Who buys forests in Normandy ?

Foreign investors such as the British and Belgians are right: the acquisition of a forest in Normandy is a sound investment. The market, boosted by the scarcity of forests on sale, is therefore very dynamic. In this gently-sloping forest region, logging is much easier than in certain other areas, a clear asset for anyone buying a forest in Normandy.



Economic view

The difference in stands, volume and the quality of trees explains the wide range of sale prices. Only an accurate valuation of the forest plot can give you a real idea of the price of your forest in Normandy.

Forêt Investissement provides this appraisal as part of a FNAIM exclusive sales mandate.

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