Centre-Val de Loire - Oak production and highly sought-after hunting grounds

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The forests in Centre-Val de Loire cover a quarter of the region, unevenly distributed across the six départements and forest areas it comprises. In Centre-Val de Loire, it will be easier to buy a forest in the Sologne area of the Cher, where two-thirds of the département are wooded, compared to the Beauce in Loiret, where the forests only account for 2% of land use.

The Centre-Val de Loire region has seen its wooded area increase by almost 40% in a century. Since the start of the 20th century, a further 2,000 hectares have been added each year. A bonus for anyone looking to buy a forest in Centre-Val de Loire.

The majority of forests are privately owned

There are some magnificent state-owned estates such as the forest of Orléans, the largest state forest in France, and the forests of Chambord and Châteauroux, which also contribute to the region’s forest reputation.

Forest transactions in Centre-Val de Loire are common as most of the forest is privately owned. The dominant species is the oak and the Centre-Val de Loire region is the leading French region for the total volume of standing timber.

It also ranks first in France for its high-quality oak production. The forests in Centre-Val de Loire are known for their sessile oak trees, the most sought-after species in France for use in cooperage.

Sologne with its hunting estates and grounds is a particularly appealing area, making the Centre region’s forests extremely popular. Buying a forest in Centre-Val de Loire is therefore a very attractive proposition.

Who buys forests in Centre-Val de Loire?

The region attracts many buyers looking for a hunting estate: Sologne is indeed a premier destination for hunting in France! The Sologne area alone harbors the highest concentration of hunting grounds in France.

The forests of Centre-Val de Loire also attract buyers of production forests, especially those looking for high-quality oak. Most of the wood harvested goes to industry.

The forests of Centre-Val de Loire meet the various demands of buyers seeking either a production forest or a woodland in which to hunt, in other words a ‘passion buy’.




Economic view

The region is a good place in which to make a rational acquisition The wood quality is excellent and access is excellent thanks to the many ‘star-shaped’ intersections, a distinctive feature of the royal forests.

Prices are also reasonable, except in Sologne where the hunting estates come at a high cost. Allow for an average €1,000/hectare for a hunting enclosure with its buildings.

A forest acquisition in Centre-Val de Loire costs between €5,000-8,000 per hectare for a production forest outside Sologne.

 Only an accurate valuation of the forest plot can give you a real idea of the price of your forest in Centre-Val de Loire.

Forêt Investissement provides this appraisal as part of a FNAIM exclusive sales mandate.

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