Pays de la Loire - High demand but very few forests for sale

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The forests of Pays de la Loire have been expanding since the second half of the 20th century, but still only cover 10% of the region’s surface area. In addition to the low density of forests in Pays de la Loire, ownership is highly fragmented.

Only the State-owned massifs and a handful of private forests found to the east of the region form large wooded expanses.

recreation forests

The Pays de la Loire has some very accessible forests that are wonderful for walkers and outdoor activities. In Sarthe, the most wooded département of the region, the forest of Bercé boasts one of the finest oak woods of Europe with some specimens over 350 years old.

In Loire-Atlantique, the Le Gâvre state-owned forest is criss-crossed with paths for walkers and horseback-riders. The impressive Mervent-Vouvant forest massif near Fontenay-Le-Comte includes some vast stretches of water, ideal for fishing enthusiasts, while the forest of Monts stretches along the coastline.

The acquisition of a forest in Pays de la Loire will take into account the wide disparity between the more wooded east of the region (15-35% afforestation rare) and the ‘bare’ west, where the rate sometimes falls below 5%.

The afforestation of agricultural land is constantly on the rise, especially in Loire-Atlantique and Maine-et-Loire, which suggests that there will be some fine opportunities to buy forests in Pays de la Loire.

The oak (sessile and European) reigns supreme in the forest of Pays de la Loire, which is mainly deciduous. Many oak varieties in the region produce high-quality lumber. We also find chestnut, though in lower numbers, and conifers over a third of the forest area, with a majority of maritime pines, then Corsican and Scots pine and Douglas fir.

Who buys forests in Pays de la Loire?

The very local market draws buyers from the region looking to expand their forest holdings. National demand is very low and some very good opportunities to buy a forest in Pays de la Loire can arise. 

How much do forest in Pays de la Loire cost?

The difference in stands, volume and the quality of trees explains the wide range of sale prices. Only an accurate valuation of the forest plot can give you a real idea of the price of your forest in Pays de la Loire.

Forêt Investissement provides this appraisal as part of a FNAIM exclusive sales mandate.

Economic view

Forest acquisitions in Pays de la Loire are rare. Demand is high and the few forests that go on sale quickly find a buyer.

Prices are on a par with the national average: allow for €4,000/hectare. Production forests in Pays de la Loire can sell for more than €6,000/hectare.

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