Hunting Enclosures and Grounds

April 5, 2018

The term ‘hunting enclosure’ (or enclos de chasse in French) for a forest is defined by article L.424-3 of the Environment Code. It is ‘a property adjoining a dwelling and surrounded by an unbroken, continuous fence impeding connections with the neighboring properties and preventing the passage of game animals or people’.

Enclosed game is seen as ‘res propria’, i.e. property of the enclosed property’s occupant.

The hunting enclosure 

In France, a hunting enclosure must meet all of these conditions:

  • The property includes a dwelling
  • The land must be adjoining the dwelling
  • The property must be entirely enclosed, compliant with certain specifications

 Purpose of the hunting enclosure

  • Organizing and selling game hunts with quality trophies and/or in return for the payment of a fee
  • The breeding of individuals that are genetically fit for introduction
  • Monitoring of and research into game
  • The breeding of rare species
  • Public education

 Benefits of the hunting enclosure

  • By making it possible to keep large numbers on a small surface area, it enables the observation and differentiation of individual specimens, even over several years.
  • It makes hunting relatively easy and faster.
  • Game can be hunted all year round, thus making it possible to eliminate individual specimens of no interest for breeding
  • If necessary, the game animals can be treated fairly quickly
  • It makes it easier to conduct studies and research work into wildlife species and game species in particular

 Drawbacks of the hunting enclosure

  • It requires the installation of high-quality fencing that needs inspecting regularly.
  • A high density of game requires artificial feeding.
  • The game require certain technical installations (feeding and water troughs, salt blocks, observation stands, etc.)
  • The enclosure requires special facilities for hunting (pastureland, plantations)
  • The concentration of animals is often the cause of health problems that require veterinary care
  • Proper breeding requires the presence of a highly qualified professional


Definition of hunting ground

Hunting enclosures and grounds may be similar

According to hunting regulations in France, a hunting ground is a space that is automatically fenced. It may be fenced all the way round, but there is one main difference with a hunting enclosure.

For a hunting ground, there are no special arrangements: hunting is strictly limited to the regulatory hunting season dates.

There is therefore a clear difference between the hunting enclosure and the hunting ground, the characteristics of which are described in the French hunting regulations. Seek advice from Forêt Investissement when making the choice of a hunting enclosure or ground to match your style of hunting.

With Forêt Investissement, the specialist agency for the sale and purchase of hunting estates, enclosures and grounds, find your ideal property.

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