Wind and photovoltaics in Portugal

April 23, 2019 written by Stéphanie Bonnet

A.J.M Energy, a specialist business for the prospecting and development of photovoltaic and wind energy projects in France and abroad, who featured in our February issue, is back this month with some news from Portugal. In partnership with Forêt Investissement, A.J.M Energy can now install and develop ground-based solar power plants in Portugal and most notably in non-productive forest areas.

Portugal has a long history with renewable energy

In fact, the country long since opted for hydroelectric and wind power. As an alternative to nuclear power and coal mining, Portugal is keen to develop renewable energies. Today, the country is focused on solar energy and photovoltaics in particular, which is understandable given its high levels of sunshine.

Given the extent of non-productive or rather barren areas of land in Portugal, photovoltaics bring the potential for a different kind of production.

A.J.M Energy, developing solar energy on Portuguese soils

Together with the Eco Delta group, A.J.M Energy has embarked on a long-term partnership with Forêt Investissement to develop its ground-based solar activities in Portugal. This ‘win/win’ partnership will lead to large-scale projects on land identified by Forêt Investissement. The alliance will ultimately make it possible to optimize yields from the identified properties with rent per hectare being paid to the owner.

This process enables green energy production new revenues from land that was not otherwise put to good use, in non-productive areas, for example.

Forêt Investissement and joint development

One of Forêt Investissement’s core values is setting up joint projects to open up greater opportunities and ensure better performance, for the benefit of the landowner!

As Adrien Sébastiaõ points out ‘Our customers in Portugal include owners with considerable reserves of land. However, their properties, especially within forest zones, also comprise a number of areas that are non-productive because of the poor, skeletal soils. We provide these customers with a solution for added value.’

How can we generate revenues from these non-agricultural, non-forested and therefore non-productive area? Many landowners find themselves asking this kind of question. The response can be found across the Iberian territories.

The Forêt Investissement advantage

A.J.M. Energy is now starting to sign contracts with the Portuguese landowners. Forêt Investissement facilitates negotiations and the search for land, while enabling smooth relationships between partners in France and Portugal, thanks to our administrative and technical teams in the field.

A.J.M Energy is delighted with this set-up!

In return, A.J.M Energy develops the project with the landowner and proposes a long-term lease that will bring in regular rental income for them. The company then sells the power generated to energy suppliers.

Extremely pleased with its cooperation with Forêt Investissement,  A.J.M Energy intends to roll out an array of projects in the years to come.
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