Buying a forest in France: The main forest regions in France

May 4, 2018

A quarter of French territory is covered by lowland, coastal, continental, Mediterranean and upland forests.

Forêt Investissement has produced this guide to the main forest regions in France to help you with your purchase.

Forest in Sologne

A French hunting hot spot!


Sologne is an outstanding area for hunting with abundant game species. Forest prices in Sologne are high compared to elsewhere in France. We recommend this type of forest acquisition to hunters and investors.



Forests in Île-de-France

A significant forest region

The Île-de-France region includes a considerable forested surface area with Fontainebleau, Rambouillet, Dourdan, Meudon and Compiègne. There are some great opportunities to acquire a recreational woodland on the edge of the Parisian State-owned forests of Fontainebleau, Rambouillet and Versailles. It is still possible to acquire a forest in the Paris Basin. Forest prices are high but you are sure to be able to sell it again later!


Forests in northeastern France

Acquiring forest assets

In northeastern France, the forest stretches from Morvan to the edge of the Vosges, including Jura and Argonne. We recommend this geographic location for anyone looking to acquire a forest in France. Acquiring a forest in France is half as expensive as in the border areas (borders with Belgium, Germany and Switzerland) but prices remain quite high due to the quality of timber. For anyone looking to buy a forest in France, the northeastern quarter of the country is the ideal area in which to start building up high added-value forest assets.


Forests in southeastern France

A forest to fall in love with


The southeastern forests encompass the Cévennes, Vercors, Dauphiné and Lubéron. There are some wonderful hunting grounds and recreational forests on the Côte d’Azur (Massif des Maures). The forest market here is one of the most buoyant and affordable in France. Why buy a forest here? Traditional values are strong and you will fall in love with the forests here.



Forests of Périgord and Dordogne

Truffle orchards growing the ‘black diamond’


The forests of Périgord and Dordogne are reputed for their truffle orchards and the ‘black diamond’, but also for their fine oak and chestnut forests. There are many opportunities to buy and prices are moderate. This is a good place to buy a forest in France, given the excellent value-for-money and the ‘recreational’ aspect.



Forests in Les Landes

Well-organized forest activity


The forests of Les Landes are home to the best organized forestry activity in France. A wise choice for a forestry acquisition by investors, wood pigeon hunters and Bordeaux cep gatherers!



The forests of Brittany

Much sought-after forests


The Brittany forest is symbolized by the woodlands of Paimpont (which feature in the Brocéliande legend) and opportunities to buy on this mainly local market are rare. Buying a forest in this part of France is a wise investment because forests are rare on the market and they have high heritage value.



The Massif Central forest

A well-developed timber sector


Auvergne and Limousin are ideal for production forests.We recommend the acquisition of a forest here for the high quality. Sales prices are attractive. The forests of Massif Central remain affordable and there is a very well-developed timber sector here.

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