Plot for sale: The small ads website for small rural and forest plots

April 23, 2019

Forêt Investissement is not involved in the sale of small rural and forest plots but it has established a partnership with Parcelle à Vendre, the small ads website specializing in the sale of smaller plots.

Focus on the concept of ‘Parcelle à Vendre’

The Parcelle à Vendre website is a user-friendly online solution for the sale of wooded or other plots of land across France.

The small ads are split into six categories.

Parcelle à Vendre specializes in transactions concerning smaller units of land such as:

  • Woods and Forests
  • Ponds
  • Gardens
  • Building lots
  • Arable land and pasture
  • Vineyards and orchards

The services you need

Parcelle à Vendre offers several types of small ad and services adapted to match the seller’s needs and availability. From the conventional small ad to Ad Assistance or the Premium ad, there is an array of services on offer, including an Evaluation service to help you set a price in line with market values!

For anyone selling a forest of more than 10 hectares, Parcelle à Vendre also offers a partnership offer with Forêt Investissement!

Mapping and GPS guidance systems

The plots on sale can be viewed on accurate maps available in three different forms – the land register map, IGN map and a satellite view – which, along with a GPS guidance system, mean the buyer can tour the plots without making an appointment. This is a real time-saver for the seller who no longer needs to travel each time. 

Parcelle à Vendre is therefore the must-visit website for anyone looking to buy or sell land and meets all the usual or specific requirements of private and professional operators. Plot for sale: Small ads for your smaller plots!


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