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Latin name : Fraxinus Family : Oleaceae Genus : Fraxinus

Recognizing ash

Ash is recognized by:

  • Its smooth, slender trunks
  • Its opposite leaves
  • Its bunches of flowers

Sites favored by Ash

Definition of a forest site:
zone of varying size across which ecological conditions are the same: climate, relief, geology, soil and natural vegetation.


Annual average between 7.5 and 15°C. Likes cool temperatures. Enjoys light and semi-shade, depending on soil and climate. This species withstands cold winters as long as frosts are not too heavy.


A minimum 750 mm of water per year.


It thrives on deep, mineral-rich soils. It appreciates chalky, well-drained soils. One distinguishing factor: it likes light and cool temperatures.

Root development of the ash tree

  • Deep and powerful, slightly oblique.
  • Good wind resistance.

Ash plantation

Density Spacing Benefits and drawbacks
500-1,000 plants/hectare 5 x 5 m Easy, abundant regeneration. Although this species adapts well to soils with different pH levels, it does not suit every soil type.

Final density: 70-80 stems/hectare

Growth and production of ash

  • Rapid growth when the plants are young.
  • Lifespan of over a century.
  • Production of 7-9 m3/hectare/year (depending on site).

Ash wood

  • Cream-white heartwood and indistinct sapwood.
  • Easy sawing, normal drying time but risk of deformation and checking.
  • Excellent wood for joinery and luxury cabinetwork.
  • Also used for tool handles and cooperage.
  • Trade name: Ash



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