White spruce

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Latin name : Picea Glauca Family : Pinaceae Genus : Picea

Recognizing white spruce

White spruce is recognized by:

  • Its gray bark
  • Its fragrant, pale green, rhombic needles


(Photos: Natural resources Canada, Canadian forest service)

Sites favored by the white spruce

Definition of forest site:

zone of varying size across which ecological conditions are the same: climate, relief, geology, soil and natural vegetation.


White spruce tolerates the shade but much prefers very sunny spots.


The species prefers fertile, damp, well-drained soils.  Does not do well near standing water. White spruce can survive in soils with a Ph varying from 4.5 to 7.5.

Root development of white spruce

  • Taproot system
  • Transplantation can be difficult

Plantation of white spruce


Growth and production of white spruce

  • Average growth
  • Average life expectancy of 200 years

White spruce wood

White spruce is an important source of pulp wood and construction-grade timber. Its long, tough fibers produce high quality pulp, used to make different sorts of paper, molded products, insulating panels and particulate panels.

Its wood is light, tender and moderately solid. It is used to make panels, planks and beams for the construction industry, crates and boxes, doors, roof panels and other paneling.

Its wood is also highly prized by makers of sounding boards for pianos and violins, and for oars and paddles.


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