Aleppo pine

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Latin name : Pinus Halepensis Family : Pinaceae Genus : Pinus

Recognizing Aleppo pine

  • Its trunk measuring up to 22 meters
  • Its buds covered in brown scales; they are non-resinous.
  • Its long yellowish needles, measuring 6-10 cm.


Sites favored by this species 


Annual average of 11-19°C. Not very resistant to frost. Heliophilous species (needs a lot of light)


Species that adapts to drought (withstands 1-6 dry months); 400-1,000 mm/year


Tree that grows on all soil types, apart from very arid conditions. Aleppo pine grows on dry land.

Root development of Aleppo pine

Deep roots to draw water at depth.

Wind resistant.

Aleppo pine plantation

Regeneration Density Benefits and drawbacks
Plantation of 1,100-2,500 stems 3 x 3 or 2 x 2 m between each plant Choice of variety
Natural regeneration Depending on the number of individuals having borne fruit Renewal of a large number of plants. Thinning out is essential.

Growth and production of Aleppo pine

This type of pine grows slowly

It can produce around 3-5 m3 per hectare per year, depending on site.

Aleppo pine wood

  • White wood with a light russet-colored heart
  • Used for small roof frames, posts, packaging (crates), for its sap (resin extraction) and for firewood
  • Trade name: Aleppo or white pine.



Economic view

This type of wood can be used in numerous applications, including resin extraction to take the tree’s sap (an age-old custom) for use in pharmaceutical products.

Wood sector professionals also make regular use of it so there is a buoyant Aleppo pine market.

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