Loblolly pine

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Latin name : Pinus Taeda Family : Pinaceae Genus : Pinus

Recognizing loblolly pine

We recognize loblolly pine by:

  • Its very straight trunk
  • Its deeply cracked bark
  • Its narrow, pliable needles found in bundles of three
  • Its long cones

Sites favored by Loblolly pine


Annual average of 11-15°C. Loblolly pine withstands cold temperatures better than maritime pine.


Loblolly pine needs at least 800 mm of water per year.


It likes deep, rich, acidic soils. However, it doesn’t do well in chalky soils. Similarly, it doesn’t fare well in waterlogged or drought conditions.

Root development

  • Deep then running.
  • Relatively wind resistant.

Loblolly pine plantation

Density Spacing Advantages
1,200 to 1,600 plants/ha plantation 4.5 x 2 m or 4 x 2 m When planting, you benefit from a genetic gain. In fact, this species is the subject of a highly developed genetic program.

N.B. Natural regeneration can be effective and is applied as a method in the Landes region.

Final density: 300 stems/hectare

Growth and production

  • Loblolly pine grows very quickly.
  • Production of 5-15 m3/ha/year (depending on site).


  • Reddish-colored heart and broad sapwood.
  • Easy sawing, dries without cracking or deformation.
  • Durable heartwood.
  • Excellent wood for carpentry and interior joinery.
  • Also used for paneling, pallets and paper pulp


Hylobius photograph: Sanja565658 - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0


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