The forest, an investment that knows no boundaries!

March 19, 2018 written by Adrien Sebastião

Forest sales have gathered pace since the 2008 recession. Before then, many investors had put their money in the stock market and were looking to move their assets as quickly as possible.
They turned to gold or another precious resource, the forest. Investors refocused their portfolios and acquired areas of forest.

The forest, a safe investment

Generally speaking, the forest is a safe investment, a way of securing money and creating wealth. This is true pretty much everywhere in the world, but especially in Europe and North America.
Forêt Investissement works as an international forestry consultant. Our agency helps clients looking to invest in the forest to make the right choices and select the right destinations.

There is a forest for everyone somewhere in the world:

  • Production forests for investment funds keen to offer their clients investments with secure returns. They can find production forests in Southern Europe, in Portugal and Spain for example, in Eastern Europe or in South America. There are also some very interesting investment opportunities in New Zealand and Australia.
  • Forests with an environmental focus for investors interested in carbon storage or protecting ecosystems and biodiversity.

  • Hunters purchase forests in which to pursue their pastime. They often find what they are looking for in the wide open spaces of America or the more traditional European hunting grounds.

  • Individuals looking to develop their wealth while enjoying their investment also look to the North American forests. For example, forests in Quebec often come with opportunities to build on the edge of a lake, within a production forest. One way of making the Canadian dream come true! Europe is also an ideal location for anyone looking to build up their assets.

As you can see, forestry investment knows no boundaries and Forêt Investissement aims to help its clients to make a safe investment that fits their profile, offering them the benefit of an extensive international network.

Over the last couple of years, Forêt Investissement has largely been focused on building this far-reaching network of professionals, selecting forestry consultants capable of fulfilling investors’ requirements and meeting legal experts, notaries and lawyers specialized in rural and forestry issues.

Readers keen to invest their money in a living product will have understood that somewhere in the world, there is a forest out there for each one of us. You simply need to be aware of your investment requirements.

For the rest, our specialists are ready and waiting to help with organization, management and advice.

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